Indonesian Culture Enrich Diversity and Multiculturalism in Canada

Warm and friendly ambience were in tune with the celebration of Indonesian cultural and culinary festivity. The event that took place at Nikkei Center, Burnaby, on October 8th, 2016, titled “Alun-Alun”, was hosted by “Permai BC” (Persatuan Masyarakat Indonesia British Columbia).


Indonesian Movie “Athirah” Received Big Applause in Vancouver

A prominent Indonesian movie director, Riri Riza, once again made a memorable impression in his latest movie production “Athirah”. The movie which was premiered during Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), 2 and 3 October 2016, was adopted from novel written by Alberthiene Endah


Indonesia as Favourite Destination During Vancouver International Travel Expo

Indonesian tourism potentials captivated the attention of visitors during Vancouver International Travel Expo (VITE), 23-24 September 2016. Promoting tourism packages in various themes showed that destinations in Indonesia is quite diverse ranging from eco-tourism, national heritage sites, among which have been acknowledged by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites dan Intangible Heritage of Humanity.