Exposition of Javanese Traditional Instrument to the Students of UBC

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As a series of the exposition to the Indonesian traditional dance, students and a lecturer of Class Asia 304, Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia (UBC), had attended the exposition of gamelan as part of Indonesian traditional musical instrument, in March 19, 2016, held at Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver. As many as 19 students had come to take a closer look of the Javanese gamelan instruments. Class Asia 304 is one of the subject of undergraduate studies at the Department of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts – UBC that aim to deliver the understanding of Asian art and culture, in particular Asian traditional dance and music as well as their role and position within the local society.

The first session began with a brief introduction delivered by the gamelan instructor, an Indonesian national in Vancouver. The introduction included the theory of gamelan play, its instrument and its rhythm and then followed by the performance of gamelan ensemble played by the consulate staffs and Indonesians in Vancouver. The performance had delivered the real description as conveyed in the previous introduction.

The students then experienced with playing several gamelan instrument namely Bonang, Peking, Saron, Slenthem, Kendhang and Gong guided by the instructor and Indonesian Consulate gamelan ensemble. The practice of gamelan play was the frist time for the students however within short time they were able to play one of the gamelan rhythm which is “Lancaran Kebo Giro”. The students expressed positive views that they were given the opportunity to play.

Collaboration between Indonesian Consulate and scholars that explore Asian cultural studies is potential to boost the promotion of Indonesian art and culture. The positive response displayed by the students in Canada who have different cultural backgrounds are hopefully followed by their effort to pursue and enhance the understanding of Indonesian culture.

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