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Following the previous success of 2015 when three of Indonesian films were winning awards from Canada International Film Festival/CIFF) (“Danum Baputi”, won the Environmental Film Competition category, “Let’s Play Ghost”, won the Foreign Film Competition category and “I’m Star”,  won the Family Film Competition category), in 2016, two films created by Indonesian filmmakers were once again won the spotlight during the highly acclaimed film festival. During the night award ceremony that took place at the auditorium of Edgewater Casino, Vancouver, April 9th, 2016, the film “Si Anak Kampoeng” (The Village Boy) directed by Damien Dematra won the nomination for The Best Family Film. The story behind the film that last for 108 minutes was about the childhood of the renowned leader of Muhammadiyah, Islamic organization of Indonesia, he was also the President of World Conference on Religion for Peace (WCRP) and the founder of Maarif Institute. “The Village Boy” won under 2016 official selections along with other 22 films from other parts of the world. The festival also laid out several categories among others are “2016 Write Brothers Screenplay Competition”, “2016 Rising Star Award”, “2016 Royal Reel Winners” dan “2016 Award of Excellence”.

Brief story about CIFF The Canada International Film Festival has firmly established itself among the top film festivals in Canada and held annually in Vancouver. The festival brings the very best of world cinema to Canada from over 90 countries around the world. The festival was a two day event, April 8-9, 2016, preceded by the screening of films that received the nomination and afterwards the filmmakers reception allowing the creators of films to interact with each other and the festival-going audiences. Each year, awards are presented in all of the main categories for the top films and filmmakers and writers.

On behalf of filmmaker, PT Damien Dematra Production, that was unable to attend the night award ceremony, Consul for Information Affairs and Consul for Socio and Cultural Affairs of the Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver, came to the stage to receive the award. The Consulate extended the appreciation to CIFF for its support and trust so the Indonesian film won the award for Best Family Film. Several filmmakers from outside Canada also attended the night award, they were from Malaysia, India, England and Latin America,

Vancouver is no strange to international filmmakers, due to the facts of its natural beauty it has become the setting of many film productions, also Vancouver become the locale of the highly acclaimed Vancouver Film School that create highly skilled graduates that give significant contribution to international film production. The success paved by the Indonesian filmmakers are expected to be followed by the next Indonesian film so it can achieve worldwide attention and at the same time it also need to increase its attractiveness to its Indonesian audience.

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