Indonesian Diaspora in Canada Launched LANSIA Oral History Project

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The first generation of Indonesian in Canada used to bear in their mind that Canada would provide a better life. This was the idea that incited some Indonesians to migrate to Canada around 1960’s. During their early days in Canada, they would adapt to their new life, joined in with local society, ran their new professions and have families. Now, years later, some of the first generations and their descendants have become Canadian citizens, however they still keep their identity as Indonesian and practice Indonesian culture that influence their daily lives.

The life experience from the first Indonesian immigrant in Canada is the subject to be revealed and documented by Canada Indonesia Diaspora Society (CIDS), through “LANSIA Oral History Project” that was officially launched on May 21st, 2016 at Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. The project is to record the history of Indonesian migrant to Canada conclusively and become a historical reference of Indonesian community and also as part of Canada multiculturalism history.

Premier BC, Christy Clark, in her written remarks, welcomed “LANSIA Oral History Project” and look forward to having the existence of Indonesian diaspora in BC to enrich the multi cultural society of British Columbia. Indonesian Consul General in Vancouver, in her remarks, expressed her gratitude to CIDS, in particular to its president, Liza Wajong, for her initiative to commence the history record of Indonesian diaspora in BC. The record will serve well as references for younger Indonesian generation in Canada to preserve their culture. The launching event was attended with several dignitaries among others Member of Parliament, Hon. Joe Peschisolido, Hon. Alice Wong, Member of Legislative Assembly, Hon. John Yap, Hon.Mable Elmore, Hon. Richard Lee, Presiden Pacific Canada Heritage Centre, Museum of Migration, Winnie Cheung and Indonesian diaspora in BC.

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