Indonesian Culture Enrich Diversity and Multiculturalism in Canada

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Warm and friendly ambience were in tune with the celebration of Indonesian cultural and culinary festivity. The event that took place at Nikkei Center, Burnaby, on October 8th, 2016, titled “Alun-Alun”, was hosted by “Permai BC” (Persatuan Masyarakat Indonesia British Columbia), Indonesian Community in BC.

The event, beside served as a mean to promote arts, culinary and products of Indonesia, it was also intended to live up the name of “Alun-Alun” that stood to support the interaction between Indonesian and residents of British Columbia.

On behalf of Consul General, Acting Consul General, Nina Kurnia Widhi, at the opening ceremony extended the appreciation to Permai BC and its supporters. The term “Alun-Alun” was expected to function as the means to facilitate people to people contact between Indonesian community and other community in Metro Vancouver that is culturally diverse. Even further, the event could enrich the diversity of culture that has been homegrown in BC. In that spirit, Indonesian Consulate lent is support for the success of the event.

The event went cheerfully, around 500 attendees enjoyed the celebration and performances. Some of the performances mutually shared between Indonesians and Canadians, among others Javanese Gamelan Ensemble, Topeng and Sigalempong Dance, Angklung musical performance, batik fashion show, shadow puppet, sajojo and poco-poco dance contest.

The Indonesian style culinary also numerous and varied greatly, made available by around 10 providers. The Indonesian product vendors who have made their frequent exhibit in many ocassions also displayed their signature products.

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