Dialogue with Indonesian Diaspora in Alberta

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Fostering Relation with Indonesian Diaspora in Calgary

Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia together with the Consul of Economy, Consul of Protocol Consular and Consul of Socio Culture had visited Indonesian Diaspora in Calgary. The meeting took place on October 22nd, 2016 at Indonesian Restaurant “Indonesian Kitchen” and Indonesia diaspora represented by Canadian Indonesian Social Club (CISC), an Indonesian community group in Calgary.

The discussion went casual and hospitable, Consul General praised CISC for its active role in representing Indonesia at many culturally associated events in Calgary. The activities performed by CISC, such as the ceremony of Indonesian Independence Day, would pose as the gesture to keep the spirit of nationalism for Indonesians in overseas. The community also affirm its participation in the upcoming 150th Anniversary of Canada due next year and take the opportunity to promote Indonesian culture.      

The meeting with Indonesian diaspora in Calgary would serve as the means to integrate the activities initiated by Indonesian Consulate in the coming November 2016 as well as to explore viable joint activities in the future. Engaging the Indonesian diaspora and fostering the relation is one of the main tasks mandated to Indonesian Consulate. In turn, the community also act as the sponsor for every programs initiated by the Consulate to promote Indonesian culture and potential in Canada.

Visiting Indonesian Migrant Workers in Alberta

During the course of visit to Alberta, Indonesian Consulate paid a visit to Indonesian migrant workers at Cargill Meat Solutions (CMS) in High River. As of July 2016, there have been around 6 Indonesian workers that assume positions as cutters in CMS.

The discussion attended by Human Resources Manager of CMS, 2 of CMS staffs and Indonesian workers. Consul General extended appreciation to CMS for its support given to Indonesian workers since their arrival in CMS. The Resource Manager complemented the workers for their performance deemed satisfactory and the workers could keep up with the corporate environment. Furthermore, the workers had managed to pass the qualification for permanent resident status and CMS were currently facilitating the process to bring the families of the workers to High River.

The workers also shared their 3 months experience of working and living in Canada. In general they were in good state and could keep up with the working condition that required high quality and intensity. The workers were also able to adapt with their working colleagues and their neighbourhood. CMS was highly supportive to the inquiries of the workers as the company appointed a patron that cater the needs and concerns of the workers during their tenure in High River.

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