Balinese and Canadian Artists’ Collaboration Gave Way to An Epic Arts Performance

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Dr. Wayan Dibia, a Balinese artist and choreographer, in a collaboration with Canadian studio arts, Sampradaya Dance Creation, led by Lata Pada, has performed a contemporary art titled “Pralaya” on Sunday, 27 November 2016,
at Roundhouse Community Center in Vancouver.

The show was a part of 8 cities tour across Canada since November 13th, 2016. The show performed in several cities such as Hamilton, Markham (Ontario), Gatineau and Montreal (Quebec), Calgary (Alberta) and Saskatoon (Saskatchewan).

During the show, the theatrical art with the support of impressive choreography, music, lighting has amazed around 150 audiences attended Roundhouse Community Center. According Mr. Wayan Dibia, it was the initial the collaboration with Sampradaya. The similarity of cultural background and philosophy between India and Bali has become the basis to work on the contemporary art performance.

The art performance was supported by 10 dancers including Dr Wayan Dibya himself and Lata Pada. Four dancers (two males and two females) were from Indonesia and the other four dancers were from India and Canada. One of the dancer expressed his experience faced during rehearsal course of the performance. One of the challenges posed by the dancers to perform contemporary art was to synchronize key movements between Balinese dances that dominantly focus on facial expression and Indian dances that emphasized on the feet movement.

According to the leader of Sampradaya Dance Creation, Lata Pada, the theme Pralaya depicted the Bharata Yudha Battle between Pandawa and Kurawa. The storyline was dedicated as a reminder to current generations to refrain from conflict, maintain peace and conserve the sustainability of the environment.

The performance itself lapsed for 90 minutes and was consequently followed by a dialogue session between the audiences with Dr. Wayan Dibya and Lata Pada. The audiences in general gave praise to the performance that managed to invigorate the classic tales of Mahabrata that was rare to the public eyes in Canada. The audiences, in particular, also applauded two artists for their feats to transform and synchronize Indian and Balinese arts into a
single performance.

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