Tempting Aroma of Indonesian Coffee and Snacks in Nusa Coffee, Vancouver

Vancouver is no stranger to coffee, considering its residents have high consumption of coffee, as can be seen from dozens of coffee shops located all over  downtown area in Vancouver. 

Survey released by Coffee Association of Canada (CAC) in 2015, 67% of Canadian age 18-79 years frequently drink coffee. Coffee consumption also had more share (34.3%) compared to that of soft drinks (19.5%) and tea (8.3%), with average consumption varies between 1 to 3.2 cup/day. The survey also reveled that the love for coffee has created more than 160 thousands of jobs at coffee shops and no less than 5,000 jobs at coffee industry.

Indonesian coffee also has made its mark in Vancouver, as many coffee shops served Sumatera, Toraja and Mandailing coffee along with other coffee products from other countries like Columbia, Vietnam, Italy and many more.

One of an Indonesian diaspora see the opportunity to introduce and further promote the finery and quality of Indonesian Coffee that is highly competitive compared to other coffee products. Liza Wajong, one of the co-founder, associated with the owner of Nusa Coffee in Indonesia, recently opened a coffee shop in Kitsilano, Vancouver. With the assistance of Channes Kwandou as barista, Nusa Coffee is now open for business.   

Indonesian Consul General in Vancouver together with Consul of Economics and Information, January 18th, 2017, has visited the coffee shop. Located at the strategic point, close proximity to bus stop to University of British Columbia, is deemed crucial in term of business prospect.

While having a dialogue with Liza Wajong, who is also active as the head of Canada Indonesia Diaspora Society, Indonesian Consul Generals and two Consuls also had the opportunity to witness the making of coffee using methods of “syphon” and “pour over”. The methods had greatly improved the aroma and taste of the coffee, not to mention the side of snacks that are Indonesian origins such as chicken risoles, indonesian glutinous rice, and Indonesian Samosa, also served at the coffee shop, had made the perfect combination for the coffee.   

Liza Wajong reiterated that her passion to highlight to public the best of Indonesian Coffee and carve its place in the heart of all coffee lovers in Canada. Currently, Nusa Coffee serves the coffee from Toraja, Flores and Ijen Highland in East Java. The product of Nusa Coffee, previously had been showcased at several promotional events hosted by Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver.  Hopefully, in the coming days, the opening of Nusa Coffee could serve as the means to further promote Indonesian coffee to all coffee lovers in Vancouver

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