Engaging Academic Community With Angklung and Casava Chips

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Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver highly regards the academic community as one of the potential engaging partner to further promote a good relation between Indonesia and Canada. In that context, Indonesian Consulate participated in Asian Studies Day held in Langara College, Vancouver, February 7th, 2017.

Asian Studies Day was an annual event hosted by Asia Studies Department-Langara College to familiarize the diversity of Asian culture to its students. In 2017, the event involved several foreign missions from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Pakistan, China and Taipei.

The event is formally launched with the opening speech from Dr. Li Yu (Chair of Asian Studies Department), Mr.Lane Trotter, EdD (President and CEO Langara College) and Consul General of Malaysia, Mohd Adli Abdullah representing the Consular Corps.

As much as 300 students and staffs of Langara College gathered at the venue and took the opportunity to visit each of the participants` booths of Asian Studies Day. During the event, Indonesian Consulate displayed brochures on culture, tourism, culinary and angklung musical instrument. To attract more visitors, casava chips from Indonesia also became the favourite snack for the students and staffs of Langara College to sample. Several students were also enthusiast to receive info of Darmasiswa 2017 conveyed by Consul for Socio and Cultural Affairs.

Like any other post graduate institutions in the Province of British Columbia, Langara College become the destination for foreign international students, among whom are from Indonesia. The Langara College`s vice president asserted that there are around 60 Indonesian students who arecurrently pursuing their study at the college. He added that the Indonesian students are known for their great attitude and excellent academic records. The event hopefully would familiarize academic community in the college with Indonesia.

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