Presenting Unique Way of Enjoying Meal, Indonesian Restaurant Earned A Well-Deserved Spot Among Consumers in Vancouver

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Forget  table manners, forget your fork and spoon!, bare hands and mallet are the tools of choice”, those are the concepts adopted by Albert Wijaya, the owner and founder of The Holy Crab Canada. After the wave of success in opening the business in Jakarta and Bali, Holy Crab had expanded its line of business in Vancouver, the first of its branch outside Indonesia.

Surrounded by establishments that mainly offer ramen, sushi, pho, dimsum, bulgogi and kebab on the prestigious location of Robson Street, the new restaurant quick to captivate the attention of culinary lover in Vancouver. Open daily from 17.00 to 22.00, the 84 seats restaurant never seemed to be lacking of customer that keep coming, ranging from young people to the families along with their small children.

The concept adopted in the restaurant combine the style practised by Lousiana`s sailors while enjoying their seafood meal with the Indonesian traditional style of family meal. The sailors used to enjoy their seafood with their families by placing the food on the tables without plate, fork and spoon; similar manner adopted by some of traditional Indonesian families that enjoy their meal together bare hands. That’s the concept that I wanted to bring—the fun, the happiness, the interaction with families”, added Albert Wijaya.

At the moment, the Indonesian original dish may not yet included in the menu but the restaurant has brought some characteristics of Indonesian culture into the heart of Vancouver. The opening of the restaurant could also satisfy the desires of some of the people that is longing to enjoy Indonesian cuisine. Hopefully in the future The Holy Crab Canada could serve Indonesian traditional menu and bringing the customary of Indonesian culinary to Canadian, as abstracted from the conversation between Indonesian Consul General with the owner, Albert Wijaya

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