Indonesian Furniture and Home Decor Products Drew Local Interests

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Indonesian furniture and home decor products mainly originating from teakwood and roots have sparked interests from the visitors who attended Alberta Gift Fair (AGF) 2017, held from February 26-march 1st, 2017 at Edmonton Expo Center, Alberta. Several similar products from other countries in the event also present had yet to meet the originality and unique that of Indonesians. The statement was revealed by one of the importer  `Black Diamond“that participated in the event.

Rusty Davidson, the owner of Black Diamond, who spent more than 20 years in Bali, claimed he entrusted the capability of the artisans in Bali to create products with ethnic motives. He believed the products could compete with
similar products from other countries. Within the first day of the event, he managed to receive orders on furniture and home decors.

Rusty added that the furniture and home decor market in Canada is attractive particularly to products that retain ethnic and traditional marks. The event served as the opportunity to Indonesian products. Rusty, who operated a
workshop in Bali, affirmed as part of his focus, he regularly attended various furniture expos in Indonesia and would keep on improving the quality of the products as it will also create added value to Indonesian artisans.

Aside from Black Diamond, during AGF 2017, Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver and Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) also involved another importer, Casamia. Following the last success of 2016`s event, Casamia displayed the furniture and home decor products that are unique and environmentally friendly.

AGF was an expo for gift, apparel, handicraft, home decor, jewelry products of Canadian artisans. During 2017, there were 300 vendors that participated in the event and managed to attract around 11,000 visitors who are mostly retail buyers.

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