Indonesian Dances Captivated the Attention at Asian Class, UBC

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On March 23rd, 2017, Indonesian Consulate in Vancouver, delivered exposition of Javenese and Balinese classical dances at Performing Arts, Department of Asian Studies – University of British Columbia (UBC). Located at UBC Asian Centre Auditorium, the dancers from the Consulate performed Gambyong Pareanom and Legong Condong Dances.

Asian Performing Art Class combined theory and musical/dance performance and the participating students could have a direct interaction with the artists. As many as 40 international students from various countries expressed their interests to both of the dance performances as indicated during the discussion and tutorial sessions.

During class session, the students had been presented with the underlying wisdom and meaning of several gestures as well as the properties used by the dancers during their performances. The Consulate also delivered the description of Javanese traditional dance that portrayed the subtlety and elegance while Balinese dances featured more on expressive and dynamics tempo. The Consulate also described the historical background of Gambyong dance that was originally practiced by then common people before it was adopted by the nobles of Surakarta, just the opposite of Legong which was created by the nobles then widely practised by the common people.

Indonesian Consulate General in Vancouver since 2016, have regularly delivered a session at Asian Performing Arts by presenting Indonesian traditional dances. The class is expected to provide means to educate and promote understanding of Indonesian culture to academics in Canada.

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