Celebration of Gamelan Concert in Vancouver

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Around 60 attendants of Vancouver public with high enthusiasm witnessed the Annual Spring Gamelan Concert held at World Arts Centre, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University (SFU), on April 3rd, 2017 , at 19.00. The cold and windy evening that blanketed Vancouver`s downtown area did not discourage these devoted audiences that were mostly local Vancouver residents to witness the concert titled “Celebration of Fun with Gamelan”`.

The concert was a finishing event staged to complement the Gamelan Class annually held at the early semester of every year at SFU School for the Contemporary Arts since 1987. According to the Gamelan instructor and lecturer, Mr. Sutrisno Hartana, the gamelan concert provided the opportunity for the participating students to show their skill and talent they learnt during the gamelan class when they started in January 2017.

Before commencing the concert, Sutrisno Hartana, delivered a brief introduction on the event. Similar to last year`s event, in this particular year, around 36 participants mostly from British Columbia registered as gamelan students.

The concert was consists of 4 segments, the first segment served as the opening of the concert to welcome the audience, the gamelan players performed the rhythm of Langgam Ladrang Sumarmantu Laras Slendro dan Langgam
Lancaran Tropongan Sanga Malik. The second segment was the work of a collaboration titled “East Meet West“ by combining the gamelan play with piano and violin. The third segment, the concert performed the rhythm of Ketawang Larasmaya Pelog, the play was featuring a  singer or sinden accompanied by the acoustic melody. The last part of the concert was combining the Java and Balinese melody  into a fine captivating composition for the audiences.

The consistent composition displayed by the group of students received a warm applause from the audiences. The concert itself also signified the long standing relationship fostered between SFU academics, Indonesian diaspora supported by Indonesian Consulate General in Vancouver as an effort to conserve one of Indonesia`s national heritage.

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