Rekindling Indonesian Network Through Culinary and Art

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Being faraway from homeland is no excuse for Indonesian diaspora in Vancouver and its surrounding area to keep their traditional routine intact by maintaining network among Indonesian to exchange news, discussions on updates  related to Indonesia and life in Canada. The Networking event itself became more familiar in addition to availability of Indonesia culinary dishes and several Indonesians who showed Indonesian art and cultural performance.

One of Indonesian Diaspora Society in BC Province, known as Persatuan Masyarakat Indonesia di BC (Permai BC), on April 15th 2017, at the hall of New West Reformed Church, Burnaby, held a Pujasera event to respond calls from Indonesian diaspora longing for Indonesian culinary taste. Pujasera is abbreviation for “Pusat Jajan Serba Ada”  in Indonesian language, adopting the concept of Food Hall or Food Market as a mean to invigorate the interaction and rekindle solidarity  among Indonesian throught culinary and cultural approach.

No less than 8 food vendors participated in Pujasera event, selling several highlight of Indonesian culinary such as Meatballs, Siomay, Martabak Pancake, Aceh Noodle, Curry Beef Soup, Yellow Rice, Layer Cake, Beef Rendang Pizza, Fruit Punch and Indonesian packed beverage. The event that drew
around 300 visitors were becoming more alive by the show presented by Indonesian diaspora staging Angklung  performance, live Indonesian music and quiz. 

Pujasera event received positive response from the visitors, beside invigorating the Indonesian spirit of solidarity, the event also proved to be a promotion for Canadians who were interested to come and learnt more about Indonesia.

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