2018 Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship

The Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship (IACS) has been conducted since
2003 and was initially offered to and participated by member countries of
the South West Pacific Dialogue (SwPD); Australia, New Zealand, Papua New
Guinea, the Philippines, Timor-Leste, and the host Indonesia.

Bearing in mind the significance and advantages obtained from the program,
the scholarship was expanded over the years to include member countries of
ASEAN, ASEAN+3, PIF countries, as well as many countries from all regions in
the world. In the period of 2003 to 2017, the scholarship has been awarded
to 776 alumni from 69 countries.

Due to the limited space and the vast amount of interest in the program, the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with
Indonesian Embassies and Consulates overseas, hold a series of selection
process. Taken into considerations are, among others, the awardees’
background, gender, regional representation and the interest to learn
Indonesian culture.

In order to deepen the awardees’ understanding of Indonesian arts and
culture, and to enhance their skills for the final performance, awardees
will be divided and assigned by the organising committee to different arts
centers for the duration of approximately 3 (three) months. The arts centers
are located in 6 (six) provinces, namely: Bali; West Sumatera; East
Kalimantan; East Java; South Sulawesi and Yogyakarta.

Awardees will live within or around the arts center, allowing for the chance
to experience the local heritage and interact with the local community.
Synergy between theory and practices shared inside and outside the arts
center would undoubtedly become the driving force for shaping international
cultures and norms, and will eventually strengthen regional as well as
global understanding and cooperation at a people-to-people level.

Documents related can be downloaded below:


2.BSBI 2018 – List of Eligible Countries

3.BSBI 2018 – Application Form

4.Personal Statement BSBI 2018

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