Consulate Activities at Asian Studies Day 2018 at Langara College


Student communities as the individuals generally portrayed to pursue study could also become the potential partners to disseminate information about Indonesia. Understanding such fact, Indonesian Consulate on February 6, 2018, joined Asean Studies Day 2018 at Langara College, Vancouver. The event involved 9 diplomatic missions of the Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, China and Thailand was the intercultural program run by Asian Studies Department to encourage the students to familiarize the potentials of Asian countries in tourism, culture and education.

Dr. Lane Trotter, President & CEO  Langara College in his opening remarks conveyed appreciation to the participation of diplomatic missions highlighting the benefit of the event for students that hold particular interest in Asian related subject. Dr Lane further encouraged the students to get acquainted by paying the visit to each booth and understanding the potential of Asian countries.

The opportunities provided by Asian Studies also paved the way for the Consulate to disseminate information about Indonesia to the students in particular the economy, tourism and glimpse of reality among Indonesian people live harmoniously in multicultural environment. The event also served as platform to promote Indonesian products that have been known worldwide among Canadian and enter Canadian market such as Indonesian snack and instant noodle.

Indonesian booth portrayed Sumatera themes and decorated with silk scarves, tourism brochures, traditional dress of West Sumatera, display of angklung musical instrument and the video demonstration Indonesian tourist destination. The visitors that reached as many as 300 students were welcomed to taste the soybean chips and goody bags provided by vendors of Indonesian products.       

The Consulate booth of received many visit from staffs and students of Langara College and exhibited various inquiries from economy, culture and education. Some visitors in fact is no strange to Indonesia and visited the country quite frequent. The event proved to be beneficial to the Consulate as well as visitors as it foster ties to gain better understanding between Indonesia and Canada.    


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