Indonesian Diaspora Welcomed New Indonesian Consul General in Vancouver


Indonesian diaspora in Vancouver has been considered as one of the most dynamic and actively engaged diaspora, therefore such quality was deemed valuable to promote Indonesia in Canada. Those were some of the highlights addressed by Indonesian Consul General in Vancouver, Dr. Tuti Wahyuningsih Irman, during her audience with Indonesian diaspora in Indonesian Consulate on Alberni Street, Friday, March 2nd 2018. Similar remarks also addressed by Consul for Economic Affairs, Maria Renata Hutagalung, before the 160 Indonesian attendance that crowded the Consulate’s hall area.    

Consul Renata further encourage the participation of the entire Indonesian diaspora in western Canada to promote Indonesian values by showing the Indonesian positive characters.   

During progress of the welcoming event, the enthusiasm shown by Indonesian diaspora towards the newly arrived Consul General and Consul reflected by their act to voluntarily take the stage to singing and playing music hence creating more festive atmosphere. An artist from City of Palu, Central Sulawesi, who happened to be in Vancouver, Ilyas Smiet Abdul Hamied, took the opportunity to show his talented skill in playing the traditional musical instrument of Lalove that drew positive response from the audience.  

The event was warmth and full of friendship ambience, attended by Indonesian diaspora from various background whom domicile in Metro Vancouver. Besides communal gathering, the event also served as the informal coordination between the Consulate and Indonesian diaspora to explore any possible collaboration in promoting Indonesia in term of economy, culture as well protection of Indonesian citizen in western Canada.   

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