Indonesian Society in Victoria Welcomed New Consul General


Around 50 Indonesians residing in Victoria and surrounding areas on Vancouver Island attended the meeting with the new Consul General of Indonesia, Dr. Tuti Wahyuningsih Irman on Sunday, March 11th 2018. Some residents living in some other distant cities, such as Duncan and Nanaimo were also present at the meeting.

“We look forward for the closer cooperations and warm relationships between the Indonesian Consulate and the Indonesian people of Vancouver Island” said Consul General. The gesture also responded positively by some Indonesians who expressed similar expectations.

The relaxed and warm ambience felt during the meeting aimed to improve communications, coordination and the preparation of activity that involve the society until the end of the year.

The Consul for Protocol and Consular Affair also took the opportunity to delivera brief presentation on the new application to improve services and protection for Indonesians abroad. Updating data of Indonesian citizens abroad will also be one of the objectives and will be proved useful to create the voters list for the upcoming Presidential election in 2019.

The discussion received positive responses from the society as shown by the enthusiasm to support the plan and the idea. A new spirit emerged to be more proactive and more participative in helping the Consulate General’s missions in Vancouver.

There are currently about 130 citizens living in Vancouver Island. Indonesians have large potentials that can be developed in the future, for an example an entrepreneur, Mr. Ali Syahbana Dalimunthe who has spent 10 years running the Indonesian food stall “AyoEat” in Victoria.

The visit of the Consulate General to Victoria had also been made in line with the invitation from the British Columbia Provincial Minister for Employment, Trade and Technology, Hon. Bruce Ralston to the Consul General’s Corps in Vancouver. (Source: KJRI Vancouver)

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