Marvelous Palu Artist in Collaboration with Art School Students for Temporary Arts in Vancouver


On 21st March 2018, students of Gamelan’s class at Vancouver School for Contemporary Arts at Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University (SFU) gained a unique and rare experienced when they had the opportunity to collaborate with artists from Central Sulawesi, Smiet Abdul Hamied, who was in Vancouver in a coaching clinic with artists from Western Canada.

The collaboration featured two dances namely Salonde Dance involving 7 musicians and 7 dancers and Topeaju Dance featuring 13 musicians and 9 dancers. Salonde dance is a union of music and motions art performed on Balia ritual which has a historical background as a medium for medicinal purposes. In this dance Smiet Abdul Hamied used the flute of Lalove which was accompanied by drum beat from Central Sulawesi called Gimba and gong from Javanese’s gamelan. According to Smiet, the movement on the Dance of Salonde was an expression of gratitude to the Creator and also at the same time to expressing joy because the gathered relatives who are involved in the process of ritual.

The second collaboration featuring Topeaju Dance, as a dynamic form of motions art and music. According to Smiet, this dance was to describe a celebration that historically been an expression of gratitude for the arrival of a relative whose render merits / arrival of an important guest that bring blessing and prosperity to the community.

SFU gamelan class instructor Sutrisno Hartana explains that this collaborative opportunity will give a positive impression to gamelan students which to understand more of Indonesian music and dance repertoire. The collaboration concluded with expressions of appreciation from students on the opportunity they had to learned the art of music and dance from Central Sulawesi that would support the preservation of Indonesian art and culture in Western Canada. (Source:KJRI Vancouver)

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