The Interest of Vancouver Coffee Lovers to Indonesian Coffee


“Indonesia’s special coffee has the opportunity to break through Vancouver’s wide open market. It is time to get together to promote more Indonesian specialty coffee for the common interest,” those were the highlights by the Indonesian Consul General of Vancouver at the opening of the “Indonesian Specialty Coffee : From Farm to Cup” event on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 in Vancouver, BC.

The event was attended by approximately 80 participants from various coffee industries and related parties in Canada, among others: industry entrepreneur, media, influencers and other coffee-lovers. The event was organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Vancouver, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center in Vancouver and Nusa Coffee Company (Indonesian diaspora coffee shop). This event serves to promote more Indonesian specialty coffee by setting up one-on-one meeting between Indonesian specialty coffee vendors with potential Canadian buyers.

The event presented a panel discussion led by Matt Johnson as an interviewer joined together by other panel members such as Daroe Handojo from Specialty Coffee Association Indonesia (SCAI), Diana Kosmanto (Orang Utan Coffee), Mahyana Sari (KSU Arinagata), Said Baabud (TPSA Project), Hiro Tsujimoto (Republica Coffee), Mike Li (Los Beans) and Normand Roy from Trade Facilitation Office (TFO Canada).

A number of farmers from 5 specialty coffee cooperative units in Aceh also attended the event along with SCAI and PT Sulut Co. The five cooperatives were KSU Arinagata, Orang Utan Coffee, Meukat Komoditi Gayo, Kokowagayo, and Gayo Coffee Protection. During tasting session, participants tasted several types of Gayo coffee, as well as the opportunity to buy products directly.

The concrete outcome of this event was the signing of agreement between PT Kopiku Indonesia and Nusa Coffee Company (Indonesian diaspora company in Vancouver). One of the important agreements reached was the procurement of Indonesian coffee beans that have been exclusively marketed in Vancouver and surrounding areas. Agreements also encouraged cooperation in terms of product development and skill enhancement for companies and staffs. (Source: KJRI Vancouver)

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