Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia Attended the Lunar New Year of Indonesia in Vancouver


“Hopefully this Lunar New Year will be a momentum to bring loyalty to the country. Momentum to strengthen the love of Indonesian people in Vancouver to Indonesia. With our mutual commitment, we are confident that all obstacles and hardship can be overcome to make Indonesia more advance, more prosperous” .

Thus the key speeches of the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Mrs. Tuti Wahyuningsih Irman, at the 2569 Lunar New Year Celebration organized by the Indonesian living in Vancouver. The Chinese New Year Celebration event took place in Richmond, Saturday, February 24th, 2018 and was organized by the UKI BC Community (Indonesian Catholics in the British Columbia).

The event which was attended by around 270 Indonesian is an annual program of UKI BC since 1992 with the aim to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and friendship, to exchange news and stories with fellow Indonesians in British Columbia, especially Vancouver and surrounding areas. Whilst UKI BC is an Indonesian Catholic Organization established since 1992 as a place for Indonesian Catholics in BC Province.

The event was enlivened by a Barongsai show which is the hallmark and opening of this event, followed by Karaoke together and Poco-Poco dance. The event was warm and full of hospitality among the Indonesian and the Consul General along with her husband, Mr. Irman Herdiana Kurnia. She used the opportunity at the event to introduce herself as the newly arrived Indonesian Head of Mission in Vancouver.

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